Speakers Bureau

Metamaterials: Blue-Sky Chimera or Revolution in Microwaves and Photonics

Professor Christopher Caloz

Electrical Engineering department, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, 2500 ch. De Polytechnique, Montreal , Quebec H3T 1J4, Canada

Tel: +1-516-340-4711 X3326

Metamaterials, which are broadly defined as effectively homogeneous electromagnetic structures exhibiting unusual properties � such as negative refraction, sub-wavelength resolution, coupled-mode enhancement, infinite wavelength propagation, zeroth-order resonance, full-space leaky-wave...


Unification of Numerical Methods: A General Mathematical Framework for Derivations and New Scheme Developments

Prof. Zhizhang (David) Chen

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dalhousie University, 1360 Barrington St., PO Box 1000 Stn Central, Halifax, NS B3J2X4, Canada

Tel: +1 902 494 6042


Electromagnetic field modeling and simulation have become increasingly popular for accurate designs in modern electrical and electronic engineering, thanks to the drastic advances in computer technology. They have been applied in many areas, in particular in industrial designs where the...


Multi-Level Modeling for Complex Microwave/High-Speed Design

Professor/Dr. Wolfgang J. R. Hoefer

University of Victoria, 1256 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC V8S 2N3, Canada

Tel: +1-778-265-2081

Complex communication and information systems operating in the Gigahertz range often combine multiple analog and digital functions. The design of such systems must capture all electromagnetic effects and interactions that impact their performance. However, it is impossible to model such systems...